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A Little bit about Jay Berino & Jay Bird Photography

You can depend on a photographer with a bird’s-eye view to see the bigger picture. From the stars up above to the city beneath your feet, Jay Bird Photography captures the moments that make life matter.

These are the most important events of your life, and you need somebody who will enjoy them as much as you do. Be it a remote landscape, a close family affair, or a jam-packed nightclub, Jay Berino possesses the creative flair required to turn any occasion into a masterpiece.



Life’s most magical moments are made so by the people in them. With his warm smile and friendly attitude, you’ll almost forget that Jay’s even at your wedding to take pictures.

When the photos of your special day do come out, you’ll be even happier he was there. Jay prepares an extensive checklist for each ceremony to ensure that your happiest memories are immortalized in vivid detail.


Trance is Jay’s life, and photographing the greater electronic music landscape is one of his greatest passions. He has been hailed as “The Denver trance photographer", by Adam Stark - who himself was voted best Colorado DJ for Electronic Colorado’s Best of 2017 awards.

Jay is also Global Dance’s official photographer for events taking place at The Church Nightclub, and has taken pictures at such Colorado festivals as Global Dance Festival, Skylab, Decadence and Supernatural.

While shots of superstar DJs like Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold, Darude and Ferry Corsten have put Jay on the map, he takes just as much pride in capturing the triumphs of his fellow locals. He makes sure that the career milestones of Denver’s most promising talent are on the other side of his lens as often as possible.


Landscape photography was the first type that Jay mastered. Even today, he takes time away from the hustle and bustle of the city to explore the scenic splendor of settings on the outskirts.

Jay has also developed his own unique landscape photography method that yields truly breathtaking images. By patching together hundreds of exposures from the same angle, he capture every celestial subtlety of a nighttime skyline.

About Jay Berino: Jay was born in Vail, Colorado and raised in the nearby town of  Frisco; by Breckenridge, Copper Mountain,  Arapahoe Basin, and Keystone Resort. He fell in love with photography as a high school student, learning to shoot on an antiquated SLR film camera that required proficiency in darkroom techniques like print processing and enlarging. Jay finished high school in Vermont before attending a car stereo trade school in Arizona; and audio engineering school in Maine. Shortly thereafter he returned to the Rocky Mountains where his career as a photographer began to take off. With the help of a good friend he officially launched Jay Bird Photography in 2014, and upon relocating to Denver his clientele grew like never before. The Nikon D850 Jay shoots with nowadays certainly turns out crisper, cleaner photos than his old SLR camera, but his passion remains his strongest asset. Constantly learning, evolving and drawing inspiration from day-to-day life keeps him a cut above other photographers on the market.